Logan Philip Henderson (born September 14, 1989) is an American actor, dancer, rapper and singer. He is best known for his starring role as Logan Mitchell on the Nickelodeon series, Big Time Rush, as well as being a member of the Big Time Rush band itself. He also appeared in Season 2, episode 12 of Friday Night Lights, titled "Who Do You Think You Are".

Logan Philip Henderson was born in North Richland Hills, Texas (near Dallas).


 Big Time Rush

His breakthrough role was Big Time Rush.

In 2007, Nickelodeon was casting and looking for people to be in a new band to be in a new sitcom called Big Time Rush.

The boys have recorded many songs including, "City Is Ours", "Nothing Even Matters", "Halfway There", "Famous", "Till I Forget About You" (heard at an episode of the show and first single off of their debut album, B.T.R.), and the theme song, "Big Time Rush". Additional songs will be released throughout the show's seasons. They and Nickelodeon are planning on releasing an album of the songs from the first season of the show and some new ones. The album was released on October 11, 2010. One week later their self-titled album, BTR, debuted at #3 on The Billboard, and at #1 on the iTunes digital albums list.

Big Time Rush's first album was released October 11, 2010, via Sony and Columbia Records. Logan and the rest of Big Time Rush made an appearance at the 2010 Kids' Choice Awards and performed at the 2011 Kids' Choice Awards. He also appeared in an episode of BrainSurge during the week of April 18-22, 2011.

Henderson had a small role as a bully on the television program Friday Night Lights before moving to California at the age of 18, to pursue his acting career. 


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